RevPar is a Hotel Revenue Management system. It is used in the hotel industry as a performance metric to calculate the revenue per available hotel room. This metric divides the total guestroom cost by the total number of rooms of a hotel. If this calculation uses the total hotel revenue rather than revenue per room, it equals the so-called Total Revenue Per Available Room (TrevPAR).

The Hotel Revenue Management

Today externalizing of staff gains more and more importance. It’s a price strategy to lower the total cost of running a hotel or motel. An external channel manager can be hired to help to archive the goal of an overall cost reduction while keeping the quality of the service.

Hotel manager interested in the reduction of the total cost can find consultation with the Tip Tip Agency. After evaluating the structure of the hotel management we create a business plan which provides recommendations how to outsource staff by keeping the quality of the service, that guest feel comfortable and will return.

Month: March 2021